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Customized Online Workouts

Custom online programs catered to YOUR specific goals!

Brought to you by:

Matthew Harris

Specialize in:

Flow and Mobility: Regain your fluidity of movement and athleticism.

Bodyweight Training: From low to high intensity workouts, all you need is the will.

Single Dumb Bell: If you only have a single moderate to heavy dumb bell, we got you.

Bands: Small investment, with a huge pay off in muscle building and mobility.

Club Bells and Heavy Maces: Haven't heard of it, scout out some moves on YouTube, or better yet, reach out to me and I'll show you.

TacFit: Bodyweight training built for an athlete interested in workouts developed from and for Sambo ground fighting out of Russia. Turn your workout into a solo grappler's tool box. Build your foundation and your engine.

Nutritional Instruction and Support: Learn the foundations of physiology and bio chemistry. Learn how to count and track your macronutrients. Benefit from 20 years of research and application, with self experimentation from Vegan to Carnivore

What do you need: 

YOU! (body weight training is my specialty!)

4x4 open space and the WILL TO TRAIN!

You can add a single Dumbbell or Band and the variety of exercises increases but also not a must have. 

All Services Offered:

Nutritional Coaching

Meal Planning 

Macronutrient Tracking

Body Weight Training 


Joint Mobility 

Myofascial Release Techniques 

Workout Programming for home or gym

Call today for your FREE 30 min consult!

You won't be disappointed! 

Start today and make YOUR HEALTH A PRIORITY!

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